How about even more WINs?

Here’s what I have:

 WIN 1:

Score more customers by targeting them through their mobile phones. Our mobile app and website uses customer GPS location to find them the nearest reputable repair shop to their location.

 WIN 2:

Improve your shops reputation. Customers using our app are not looking for the cheapest service possible. They are using our app to find shops with the best customer service. By listing with us you’ll be stating to everyone around that your shop cares about it’s reputation.

WIN 3:

Score better customers. What do we mean by “better” customers? A better customer is someone looking for a great shop to continue doing business with. They already know that they need to keep servicing their vehicle, and they are well prepared for additional work to be quoted. These are people that look for the best shops around town. They just want to be treated fairly for the work they are paying for.

WIN 4:

Less bad customers! A bad customer is a person that only responds to a $15 dollar oil change ad. They see oil changes as a nuisance and already walk through your doors expecting you to lie and cheat them into rotating their tires or god forbid they need brakes. When your tech fills out a multipoint inspection and you try to sell more work these people go off on you. Feeling cheated before they even walk through the doors they’ll already have a bad google review pending.

WIN 5:

Get a mobile responsive business page. When you create a business listing, it appears as a website page. This allows you to share photos, contact information, deals, promotions, and even a sales video. Customers get to learn more about you and your business before they visit. This is your chance to sell them on your shop over others.

WIN 6:

Instant one TAP contact. Customers can simply tap to contact you via email and phone. They don’t have to write down phone numbers then type it in their phone. They look at your listing then simply tap to contact you and schedule a visit.

WIN 7:

Google Maps is integrated. What does this mean? It means that when you add your business address into your listing, a customer can then navigate directly to you. They simply tap a button on their smartphone screen, and it opens Google Maps with your shop location already programmed in.

WIN 8:

Manage your shop’s reputation. You can read and respond to customer reviews. Ask your customers to leave a review. You can also offer a “Chance to win a free oil change” at your service counter in exchange for reviews. Reviews are more powerful today than ever. Seven is the magic number of good reviews to sway someone’s mind.

WIN 9:

Create coupons and promotions. Create deals and promotions directly on our website and add them to your listing for customers to see.

WIN 10:

Create events. If your shop is active in the community, or you’re thinking about throwing an event. You can do it inside Wrench Professionals. These events work well with car-shows, cook-outs, and fundraisers.

WIN 11:

Write articles. Have you ever written a blog post or an article? They can be quite powerful. Many shops have websites where they blog / write about the causes and effects of tire wear, oil leaks, bad fuel economy, etc. This information is meant to help your customers see that you actually care about them. This ends up being a double win, because a more educated customer is more than likely a happier customer when repairs are completed. They might not say it, but everyone is curious and wants to know more about their vehicle. By writing articles, you show your expertise in the matter.

WIN 12:

Create sales classifieds. Does your shop have a sales dept? Many shops repair and sell used vehicles. You can list them directly on our website and app.

WIN 13:

Free consultations. Wrench Professionals is dedicated to helping great business’s shine. Founded by myself, an Automotive Technician with well over ten years of experience, I’m here to work with you. The goal is to put an end to the corrupt repair shops taking advantage of people. I will help you and answer any questions with your business listings.


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Wrench Professionals is growing, which means we’ll have more funding to help think of even greater ways to help our clients. From video design and marketing to keywords and mobile ads, we have several idea’s in the mix. Why not become part of our community and see how far this takes us?

Let me know if you’re interested and if you have any questions. I’m here to help! - Create your business listing today!