Ready to create your first business listing?

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use! We’ve prepared this tutorial to help guide you through building your business profile listing.

You can also download this tutorial in .pdf form from Dropbox for easier viewing and printing. Download printable step-by-step instructions.


1. Signing up for a Wrench Professionals business advertising package



As you browse the tutorial you will see RED circles indicating where to go and what to focus your attention on for each step.


As you can see, every business that chooses to create a profile and advertise with us will appear on our map. Areas with more than one business will show a number, you can click on those numbers to zoom in on the map to see those business locations as well.


Your map will look different than ours because we’ve designed the program to detect user locations. Currently we’re located in Kissimmee Florida, so the map is centered around our immediate address while we create this tutorial.


Please click the “SIGN UP” link on the top navigation bar to begin.


2. Choosing your business package


2.choose a listing package.jpg

As you can see, there are currently 4 options to choose from, each at a different price. We do this so that you can more personally choose the best option that will work for you and your business. You have the option to click “VIEW SAMPLE” to see an idea of how your listing would appear.


Technician Package: These are great for technicians that want to self promote their abilities and help customers make a more personable choice as to who will work on their vehicle. If you perform side work at your home garage, a technician profile works great to help you boost your credentials.


Business Package: This allows businesses to add photos deals, coupons, and contact information for customers within the area to find. We will focus on the business package for the tutorial.


Featured Business Package: This takes the business package to another level, allowing you to upload even more photos, deals, and coupons. You’ll also be seen as a featured business on the homepage of the website for customers in your area making it easier for customers to choose you rather than spend extra time browsing.  


WP Managed Business Package: This takes all the work off your hands. We’ll create and maintain your profile for you with monthly updates sent and dedicated staff to make changes as you see fit.


As the RED circle suggests, make sure you’re looking at the “listing options”. We will create another tutorial explaining the Article Options and even more options in the near future.




3. choose business package.jpg


The business package is a powerful start towards advertising your reputable business to the automotive industry.


NOTE: You can follow this tutorial with ANY of the plans if you have any questions please send us an email:


If you want to sign up for the BUSINESS PACKAGE please follow the RED circle and click “SIGN UP”.


4. Choosing your title and your categories


4. enter title.jpg


When creating your title keep in mind that this is what everyone will see once your listing is live. If you are planning on creating listings for more than one branch or location, it would be wise to add that to the title.


NOTE: We offer a YELP addon for free with your listing.

  • It pulls your Current YELP Rating

  • Your business’s current status (open or closed)

  • Your last 2 customer reviews


*In order for this to work your title must be exactly the same as your YELP Listing.


After you’ve typed in your title, we will move on to the Categories Section


5. Choosing your categories and subcategories


5. choose category and choose payment type.jpg

Categories help customers pin-point exactly what type of business they are looking for. Currently we’re giving all businesses the ability to choose the categories they want for no cost.


Just click on a Category, such as “Automotive Professionals” and a drop down menu appears allowing you to choose the type of work your business performs.


You can choose any categories and any subcategories that you want. This is your chance to obtain customers that need work on boats, bikes, cars, lawnmowers, heavy equipment, and even airplanes.


To add a subcategory, such as “Body Shop Professionals” click on the black “Add” icon. A brief “successfully added” message will appear and you’ll see the subcategory added to the box on the right.


To remove a subcategory that you chose, just click on the subcategory in the box on the right, and click “Remove Selected Category”.


When you are ready to move on, please scroll down to the payment options.


6. Collect your one-time 20% off coupon and choose payment options


6. enter once time code and click continue.jpg


We want to thank you again for your interest in joining us at and taking the time to follow our tutorial.


Please choose a payment option then add the Promotional code STUDY20 as shown above. You have the option to pay monthly, or yearly.


If you choose the monthly payment plan, you will pay a total of $479.76 over one year with the 20% discount.

If you choose the yearly payment plan, you will pay a total of only $397.60 for one year with the 20% discount.


For best business practices, we prefer to use PayPal for transactions. If you selected “by PayPal' and do not have a PayPal account, you will be given the opportunity to create an account during checkout.


After you have added the STUDY20 code, you can click “Continue” and the price will automatically update as shown above. Then Click “Continue” again to proceed to the next page.


7. Create an account with Wrench Professionals to “check-out”


7. create an account.jpg

Before you can continue checking out, you will first need to create a Wrench Professionals Account.


We have a few options available to speed up the process. You can sign in immediately using your Gmail account, you can sign in with your facebook account, or you can create an account using your email and creating a password.


*If you sign up with Google or Facebook, you account is immediately authenticated/


*If you sign up with your email and create a password, you will receive an email requiring you to copy and paste a link into your internet browser to authenticate yourself as a real person.


*Please do not use a junk/spam email address, you will receive important updates and notifications when people interact with your listing.


If you already have an account with us, you can skip these steps by clicking “Already a member - log in here”.


8. Your billing details


8. place order and continue.jpg


Please take a look and verify that you chose the correct package and make sure that your promotional code STUDY20 is available and applied.


When you are ready, click “PLACE ORDER AND CONTINUE”.


The next page will take you to PayPal.


9. Using PayPal to pay for your listing



If you already have a PayPal account, click the “Log In” button.


If you do not have a PayPal account, click the link below the button that says “credit or debit card”


10a. Creating your PayPal account.



Follow the steps to create your free PayPal account then click “Continue”


If you already have your PayPal account you’ll be taken to the “Log in” page.


10b. Log in to your PayPal account

If you already have a PayPal account, you will see a PayPal log in box. Just enter your username and password and click Log In to continue.


On the next page you will be able to agree and pay.


11. Finish order and complete transaction.


Please verify your order  including the subscription type then click “Agree and Pay”.


On the next page you will get a confirmation that the order was successful.


12. Verify your purchase.



Congrats, you have completed your order. When you click “Finish” you will be brought back to to start working on your listing.


Thank you for following the tutorial this far, we promise the rest will be much more fun.


13. Order confirmation on



This is the confirmation page on After a few seconds you will be sent to the next page to start working on your listing.


*You can click the RED textlink “click here” to continue forward if you are not automatically rerouted.


14. Choosing your cover photo.



Your cover photo is very important. It needs to be sized correctly to fit your page. Otherwise it will look blurry and  “off center”.


Our recommended cover photo size is 1920 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall. In the next step you can see what our cover photo will look like for this listing.


If you are interested in some suggestions, we recommend a cover photo that you think says the most about your business. Remember a photo is worth 1000 words. Some businesses will use a photo of the inside or outside of their shop. Other businesses use a great photo with all their staff. You can also choose to add a photo of a coupon or current deal of the month to attract customers to your location.


After everything is done, your main objective is to have customers choose your shop over any competition. Your cover photo will be the absolute first thing any customer will see when they visit your listing.


15. Upload your cover photo.



As you can see we navigated through our folders and chose our cover photo. We used Photoshop to create our photo.


** If you are having trouble deciding on a photo or would like a custom cover photo created for you, you can send an email with a few photos attached to This is another gift to you for following our tutorial this far.


When you have found and selected the cover photo you would like to use, click “Open” and the photo will automatically start uploading to your listing.


16. Choose 12 photos



You will now be able to see your cover photo that you selected.


Next, we can choose up to 12 photos to add to your listing.


These photos are very important. You want to show as much of your business as possible.

  • We recommend adding a few photos of your shop and equipment so customers can see what kind of work you do.

  • We recommend adding a few photos of your staff so customers will be able to see who they will be working with and if you have any ASE or manufacturer specific certifications.

  • We recommend sharing a few photos of your waiting room so customers can see where they’ll be spending their time if they choose to wait on their car.

  • We also recommend sharing a few photos of actual professional work being done in the shop. Customers are curious in nature and like to see what actually goes on behind the shop doors.


* If you are following the tutorial and you chose the featured package ($100 month) or higher, you will be able to add even more photos.


17. Adding your photos



You can add up to 12 photos on the Business Package that we are using for this tutorial. Simply hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and click each photo you would like to use.


When you made your decision which photos to use, simply click “Open” and all the photos will automatically start uploading to your listing.


Once you added your photos you will be able to crop/adjust and add text to each photo.


18. Add titles, descriptions, and crop photos



As you can see on the right side of the page, all the photos you chose are now uploaded and available to edit or delete.


If you click on the black “Pencil” Icon, you will be able to see and edit that specific photo.


First you can crop the photo to trim unwanted items or edges off the photo


Then add a title to the photo, and add a brief description.


When you are ready, click the black “SAVE” button.


You should do this for every photo you upload.


*** The Very First Photo that you upload will be featured on the map when customers click on your “Map Pin” and while customers look through local listings.


XX. STOP! Save your work!



Scroll down to the bottom of the page and clicke the RED “SAVE” button. If you spend too much time on your listing you will lose your work if you do not regularly save it.


When you save your work, you will be taken directly to your “Dashboard”. You will have to go back to your listing to continue working on it.


This may seem a bit annoying, but trust us - nothing is more annoying than needing to retype everything.


For security reasons and faster load speed, you need to save your work regularly to keep from reaching a “Time-out”. A “Time-Out” is when our server does not detect that you are sending any information. It will stop communicating and you will not be able to save your work.


We recommend Saving your work after each section you complete or every 10 minutes.


XX. Your dashboard and returning to your listing.



Welcome to your dashboard. You can reach this every time you save your work.


In the top left you’ll see a Yellow “Pending” light. This means that your listing is awaiting approval. The Manager can approve and edit listings. At this time all listings need to be approved by the Manager before they can be seen by the public. This prevents SPAM and Hackers from messing up listings.


You have can view Stats, Edit your listing, and Preview your listing.

  • Stats are shown on the right side of the page. We will provide a separate tutorial for Statistics.

  • Edit allows you to go back to the listing to edit it.

  • Preview only works once your listing is approved and public, it allows you to see your listing as the public sees it.

On the right you can see “Add Basic Information” and “Add additional information” - these will also take you back to your article to edit information.


The Blue Loading Circle shows your current progress. * It may never hit 100% because we will add more and more features and abilities for your business.


When you are ready, please click the RED “Edit” link to go back to your listing and continue the tutorial.



19. Add summary and description.



SUMMARY: Adding your summary is very important. Your summary is what customers will be able to see before they even click on your listing. Your summary shows when a customer clicks on a “Map pin” and when a customer is looking through the list of businesses in their immediate area. It’s your first attempt to get a customer to click on your profile. A good summary can make a customer choose to drive the extra miles to your business over another.


** In the bottom right corner of the “Text Box” you see a Red Circle around what looks like the corner of a page. You can click and drag the text box downward to make it larger and easier to see what you are typing.


DESCRIPTION: We recommend at least three paragraphs for your description. For example:

  1. What makes your business better and why your customers love you.

  2. The history of your business and how you got started

  3. Who is the owner or manager of the store and what is your mission?


Content is important, you want your customers to learn about your business and why you are the best so that customers feel comfortable choosing your business over your competitors. The whole idea behind Wrench Professionals is for customers to find a great reputable business that won't rip them off. Each customer that finds you has the potential to become a lifelong customer and friend.




20. Add your search keywords.



Search keywords help customers find your business faster, especially as more businesses sign up with us. This is your chance to really PIN POINT what services you offer.


If you specialize in BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche, then you should make each of those brands as a keyword. You might also want to add “German cars” and “European Car Mechanic”


If you specialize in transmission repair or Alignments, then you should also use those as keywords. Try to think of commonly used phrases like: Best Transmission Repair” or “Low Profile Alignments”


If you specialize in Dyno Tuning, Aftermarket installations, and performance you should use those as keywords.

If your specialty is tires or “Quick Service” make sure you make those your keywords as well..


Your can use up to 10 keywords, use them wisely.




21. Add contact information and business location.



Contact Info:


It’s time to add your business's contact information. Be sure to add a good phone number and email address for customers to contact you.




Be sure to add your full address, otherwise you will not get a “Map Pin” placed on the Home Page map.


If your city is not listed in the drop down menu, click the RED “+ Add a new city” link below the menu. The drop down menu will change to a text box, and you will be able to type in your city.




22. Adding additional information.


Here’s where you can add your social media accounts for customers to “Like, Follow, and Share” your business pages.


FACEBOOK: When you add your facebook page, customers will actually get to see part of your facebook page and some of your recent posts on your listing.


TWITTER: Customers will be able to Follow you on twitter


GOOGLE PLUS: Customers will be able to add you to their Google Plus Circles


** We are currently in the process of adding more social media including “Instagram”


FEATURES: These are just like search keywords, only they show up in your listing as regular key words for your customers to see. Good keywords would be all the services you offer and the brands your business specilizes in.


Hours: You can list your normal day to day hours. Some businesses even include what time they take their lunch breaks.




23. Add Youtube or Vimeo video



You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your listing. Many businesses have promotional videos they want to share.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video could be priceless.


Simply go to youtube or vimeo, choose a video, copy the link URL, and paste it where the red circle is.


You can add a video description, too.




24. Adding Search Engine Optimization



We bet you receive phone calls every day from marketing agencies begging you to let them do your SEO work. Well now you get to learn a little bit of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It consisted of keywords and content. A website or listing without proper SEO cannot be easily found by people looking for similar services.


For example. If you run “Euro-Fine”, a European Car Repair shop in Atlanta GA that specializes in AUDI and VW. You need to use specific keywords related to European Repair shops, AUDI, VW, and Atlanta GA.


Keywords you should use. “Euro-Fine Repair Shop” “Euro-Fine” “Euro Fine” “European car repair” “Euro car repair Atlanta GA” “VW Repair shop Atlanta” “Audi repair shop atlanta” “Volkswagen repair professionals” “Audi Repair Professionals” “Best VW Repair shop Atlanta”


Your Description should match most of those keywords and be appealing to potential customers:


Euro-Fine is a professional European Car Repair shop in Atlanta GA that specializes in the repair of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Our technicians are both VW and Audi Certified Repair Professionals and will treat you and your car the best service available.


To the bottom right you can see and option to also upload a file for customers to download, we’ll have this tutorial available to download in PDF format for users to download and print.


25. Back to your dashboard


You can save your work one last time then head back to your dashboard. From your dashboard you will be able to see how many times someone has looked at your listing.


You can see your current status, expiration date, and more.


From your dashboard you will be able to easily create more listings, articles, events, and your own  advertisements. We will be creating tutorials for each new products in development and we will email you the tutorials when the new products and features become available..


Remember, you are joining a brand new company with major growth plans. We’re working day and night to release more features and better training. We extremely appreciate your joining us and look forward to doing everything we can to help advertise your business.


When you are ready for your listing to go live, please send an email to and we will get someone to approve your listing as soon as possible.