Are you ready to start selling items on Wrench Professionals?

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use! We’ve prepared this tutorial to help guide you through building classified ads!

You can also download this tutorial in .pdf form from Dropbox for easier viewing and printing. Download printable step-by-step instructions.

1. Log in to your sponsor area.



While on the home page, you can now see that we have added the “Classifieds” page on the navigation bar.


What are classifieds?


Classifieds are similar to Craigslist ads. You have the ability to sell cars, trucks, boats, planes, forklifts, construction equipment, tools, storage, and many more items.


Many small shops often sell cars that they fixed up, here is a great way to sell those vehicles to the general public. You will need a business listing active before making a classified.


You can click the link to see any classifieds, but at the moment we are going to go straight to work.

Please click the RED “SPONSOR AREA” to log in and view your dashboard.










2. Log in to the Wrench Professionals dashboard.



If you signed up using Google or Facebook, please continue to use the same sign in method.


If not, please enter your email and password. When you are ready click the RED “Log In” button.










3. Your dashboard



Depending on how many tutorials you have completed, and how many articles, listings, deals, or events you created with us, your dashboard will look different than ours.


In the red highlighted box, you will see that “Add Classified” is now an option.


When you are ready to continue, click “Add Classified”










4. Choose your package



You can choose any level package, but we will focus this tutorial on the “Featured” package level.


Click the RED “Continue” button when you are ready.










5. Choose a title, a price, and select your business listing.



First we create a title. Make sure it’s clear and straight forward.


Then we set the price, don’t forget to type “00” in the cents box. (We forgot to add that in this step.)


If you own multiple listings you’ll see a drop down menu, please choose a listing.










6. Select categories



Next we will add some categories that match our classified.


Click on the black “SELECT” button to open up the categories list.


When you have the categories list open, click on “For Sale”











7. Select and deselect categories.



In this step you can see that we selected both “Tools” and “Storage”. This means that anyone who is searching for tools or storage will find our tool box for sale.


** Please do not select categories that are not related to the items you are selling.


If you accidently selected the wrong category, click on the little “x” next to the category in the text box.


When you have selected your categories, click the black “OK” button


If you do not see a category that fits your item, please send an email to the management team ( and they will add the category for you.










8. Add summary and description



Now it is time to add your summary and description.


** Note it’s extremely important that you type this up in a word or note pad document first, then copy and paste it here. Some users have spent a long time typing this up only to loose their work by accident. We do not want you to have a headache dealing with lost work.


Your summary is important, customers will read your summary before clicking on the classified.


Your description should be very clear and detailed. Try to do your best to explain what you have for sale and any other information you have related to it.


You can click on the bottom right of each text box and stretch the box downwards so you can see more. This helps you think and catch any misspelled words or confusing sentences.










9. Add keywords and contact info to your classified



Keywords help people find your classifieds. They are built for the search bar.


Since we are selling a Snap-on tool box, we decided to type snap-on in various ways so that our classified shows up in the search bar while people may type the name incorrectly.


We also like to add the city and state to a few keywords in case customers are only looking for stuff in “Columbia SC”.


The contact information should match the person who is selling the item. If you have a salesperson in charge of selling used cars at your shop, you should add his contact information.


When you add the address and zip code, a map will soon appear showing a pin on your location.










10. Add city/state and SEO



Click the drop down menu to choose your State.


Click on the City Drop down menu to find your city.


**Note if you cannot find your city on the drop down menu, you can click the red link “+Add a new city” and then type in the name of your city.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most of your SEO will automatically be filled out, but you will still need to add your keywords. They keywords will help people searching on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your classified.You can use the same keywords as your did for your description.










11. Add your one-time promotional code.



We appreciate the time you are taking to follow our tutorial. As a token of our thanks, we would like you to use our One-Time 20% off coupon “STUDY20”.


Please enter STUDY20 exactly how we show it, and let's move back up to the top of your classified to add photos.


When you are ready please scroll up to the top of your classified, we are not ready to save and finish just yet.










12. Choose cover photo.



Now it’s time to add your cover photo.


You do not need a cover photo, but we do recommend one to make your classified more appealing.


Click the “Choose File” button to open up your file folders.


Click on the picture you want to upload and then click “Open”.


Your photo will automatically upload to your article.


** For the best results, your photo size should be 1920 x 480 and smaller than 1.5 MB file size.










13. Choose gallery photos



A picture is worth a thousand words. With a Featured classified you are able to choose up to 12 photos of your item.


A Basic Classified allows 6 photos.


A Free Classified only allows 3 photos.


Click on the “Choose File” button and select up to 12 photos depending on the package level you selected.


When you selected the photos you want to use, click the “Open” button and the photos will automatically upload to the classified.


** Please do not try loading extra large photos, the maximum file size for each photo is 1.5MB










14. Editing your photos and adding descriptions



To edit your photos, click on the black “Pencil” button and a box will appear.


You can crop the photo and trim off the edges.


You can add a title, and a description.


We recommend you do this for every photo.










15. Add a Youtube or Vimeo video URL



If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo of your item, you can add the URL code and show the video directly on your classified.


We did not have a direct video of our item, but we were able to find someone else who did a product review of the item we are selling.


You can also add a description of the video for customers to read before viewing.










16.  Choose a file to upload and save.



If you have a specific document you would like to share, you can upload it and offer it to your customers to download.


The file size must be smaller than 1.5MB and it has to be the same file type that is circled in red.


We did not have a file to share so we skipped this section.


When you are finished, click the RED “SAVE” button.










17. Loading notification



After you click save, you might see a loading notification in the bottom left side of your screen.


Sometimes it takes a few seconds longer than normal for your work to save and to take you back to your dashboard. We noticed this due to the large photo sizes we had selected to upload.


When the page is finished uploading, you will be taken back to your dashboard.










18. Classified dashboard stats and click to pay.



When you are back in your dashboard, you will see a section with the same title as your classified. You can click on this section to view your stats.


YELLOW Pending button: This means the management team is waiting for payment or management needs to approve your classified. Your classified needs approval every time you make changes. This is our way to fight back against hackers and spammers. This can take up to 2 business days.


The “Preview” button will only work once your classified is “Active”.


You can view Stats, Edit, or Remove your classified.


When you are ready to continue, please click the red circled link “Click here to pay for your classified”










19. Payment options



If you have a bunch of items already, scroll down to find the “Classified” item.


Click the check box under the word “Pay”.


Click the button “By PayPal” for a fast and secure method to pay for your article.


For best business practices, we prefer to use PayPal for transactions. If you selected “by PayPal' and do not have a PayPal account, you will be given the opportunity to create a free account during checkout.


When you are ready, click the RED “NEXT” Button










20. Verify information and go to PayPal



On this page you will see your STUDY20 promotional code applied.


Please verify everything is correct, then click the RED “Pay by PayPal” button. You will now be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction.










21. Verify and Log in to PayPal


Click the “Log In” button to proceed.


If you don’t have a PayPal Account, click the blue link “credit or debit card” under the “Log In” button. There you can create a free PayPal account before paying.










22. Log Into PayPal


We already have a PayPal account username and password, so we will simply log in to PayPal.










23. Agree and Pay



After you log in, or have created your Free PayPal account, you will be asked to agree and pay.


When you verified all the information is correct, click the “Agree and Pay” button.










24. Purchase Successful



Congrats, your purchase was successful, now you can click the “Finish” button to go back to Wrench Professionals.


**We recommend you print this page for your records.










25. Transaction Complete



Now that you are back to Wrench Professionals you can see the Transaction Status was completed.


Your Classified should be approved and active within 2 business days, it depends on the transaction clearing and the high volume of submissions.


You can click on the “Dashboard” link in the top right to go back to your dashboard to add/edit other items.


If you would like to see our finished event from the tutorial you can click the link below or visit the “Classified” Page!