Ready to add deals to your business listing?

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use! We’ve prepared this tutorial to help guide you through building your business profile listing deals!

You can also download this tutorial in .pdf form from Dropbox for easier viewing and printing. Download printable step-by-step instructions.


1. Creating a Wrench Professionals business listing deal



Welcome to the deals page, it isn’t much right now while we go through the tutorial, but pretty soon it will be packed full of great deals local shops have to offer!


As an example for this tutorial, we’ll be creating a deal for one free cover photo for your very own business listing.


Please follow along as we create the very first deal on our new software.


You can view the Finished Deal HERE:


To get started please click the RED “Sponsor Area” button in the top right corner to log into your Wrench Professionals account








2. Log in to your sponsor area



If you created your account with Google or Facebook, we highly recommend that you continue to do so. Otherwise just log in with your email and password. When you are ready, click the RED “LOG IN” button.


**Note - you need to have already created a Business Listing to create some deals.








3. Click on the "Add deal" link.



Again, if you do not already have a listing created, you will not be able to create a deal.


DEALS ARE FREE! Yes you heard right. You do not have to pay for deals. You get a specific amount of deals depending on the type of Business listing you purchased


Technician Package: 2 Available Deals


Business Package: 5 Available Deals


Featured Business Package: 10 Available Deals


When you are ready to continue, please click the circled “Add deal” link in the listing section








4. Add title and summary description.



As usual, we start with the Deal Title. As you can see we typed out “Free Cover Photo With Purchase of Business Listing”. You want the title to be straightforward. Customers that read this title will know that they can receive a free cover photo if they have already purchased a business listing.


The summary description should include the start and expiration dates, how many deals are available, and a bit more information on what the deal is. In this case we expanded on the title by saying that our management team will design the cover photo for you.








5. Select your cover photo



Next we select our cover photo we would like to use for this cover photo deal. We went ahead and created a cover photo of us actually creating a cover photo. I know that’s a hand full of cover photo talk.


All we need to do is select the photo we want and click the “Open” button to automatically upload that photo to become our cover photo.








6. Select your thumbnail photo



A thumbnail photo is another name for a “Featured Photo” in our other tutorials we talked about how the very first photo you choose will become the featured photo on your listing.


In this case, you are only allowed to upload one photo for a Deal.


Simply click on the photo you would like to be your thumbnail/featured photo and click “open”. That photo will automatically upload and become your featured/thumbnail photo.








7. Add a description and conditions



Next you will add your description, in the middle of the photo you will see a red circle with an arrow pointing downwards. The circle is showing you that you can click and drag the text box downwards to make it larger for you to see what you are typing.


Go ahead and add as much information as you can to make sure that your customers understand eveything they need to know about your deal.




Be careful, an unclear deal can make a customer instantly think that you are trying to trick them into a scam.


Conditions: You can leave the pre-written text in the “Conditions” area, unless it does not apply to you. We tried to write it so that you do not have to make any changes, but not all deals are the same. You are limited to the amount of characters though.








8. Add keywords and deal dates.



Type in your keywords, again try to make them match your Deal, you do not want to confuse your potential customers.


Set your Deal “Start Date” by simply clicking in the text box. You will see a calendar automatically pop up allowing you to look for the correct date. You can schedule dates as far out as you want. In this case, we are setting our start date for September 1st, even though we created this tutorial on August 22nd.


Set your Deal “End Date” also by simply clicking the text box. You will see another calendar automatically pop up allowing you to look for the correct date to end your deal.


With the Business package you will have 5 available deals. You can pre-schedule one deal for each season of the year, and use the 5th deal for anything you like.








9. Discount information.



You have a few options here.


First you can choose if a customer gets a fixed amount of cash off a certain product, or a percentage off.

For example: “Get 10$ off your first oil change” or “Get 10% off your next tire order”


ITEM VALUE: This is where you put how much the actual item is worth. For example, if we were to charge a customer to make their cover photo, it would be 100$.


VALUE WITH DISCOUNT: This is what the customer actually pays after the discount. In our case we are giving away cover photos for free, so we set the the”Item with Discount” to zero.


HOW MANY DEALS WOULD YOU LIKE TO OFFER: We’ve decided we are only going to hand out 100 free cover photos. You can set this amount as high as you would like.








10. Search Engine Optimization


By now you’ll be rocking your own SEO skills.


Again make sure your keywords match your deal that you want to advertise.


The SEO Title should already be filled in with your original title.


The Page Name should already be filled in with the SEO friendly version of your title.


The Description can be the exact same thing you said in your Deal Summary (Step 4.)


When you are ready, click the RED “SAVE” button to save your Deal and return to your dashboard.








11. Your deal dashboard



Now that you have created your first of many deals, it will show up in your dashboard. We have highlighted it on the left.


You will be able to view:

Stats - how many users clicked, used, viewed your deal


Edit - Allows you to go back and edit the deal at any time


Preview - Allows you to see what the public sees


Remove - Allows you to completely remove the deal in order to make room for another deal if you maxed out your amount of deals.








12. Deal preview part 1


This is what our Deal looks like to the public. Above the title is the cover photo (not shown for size reasons)


To the right is the price and button to redeem the deal, notice how it automatically says Save 100%, FREE, and the original price.


Below the Redeem deal button is the Time left to redeem the deal.








13. Deal preview part 2



As you can see, the deal not only has the information you added, but it also added information directly from your business listing. At the very bottom of the Deal is also a map showing the deal location (your business location)


Again:  You can view our Finished Deal HERE:


We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. By now you should have a good understanding how our online software works.


We look forward to seeing lots of deals in the near future! Till then, see you in the next tutorial!