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Welcome and thank you for choosing to use! We’ve prepared this tutorial to help guide you through building your first business article.

You can also download this tutorial in .pdf form from Dropbox for easier viewing and printing. Download printable step-by-step instructions.


1. Creating a Wrench Professionals business article



As you browse the tutorial you will see RED circles indicating where to go and what to focus your attention on for each step.


As you can see, every business that chooses to create a profile and advertise with us will appear on our map. Areas with more than one business will show a number, you can click on those numbers to zoom in on the map to see those business locations as well. For this tutorial however, we will focus on creating a business “Article”.


Your map will look different than ours because we’ve designed the program to detect user locations. Currently we’re located in Kissimmee Florida, so the map is centered around our immediate address while we create this tutorial.


Please click the “SPONSOR AREA” link on the top navigation bar to begin.


**NOTE this tutorial was designed for Sponsors that already have their own Wrench Professionals Account


2. Log in to the sponsor area.



Before you can continue with the tutorial you will need to log in to your Wrench Professionals Account.


You can sign in immediately using your Gmail account, you can sign in with your facebook account, or you can sign in using your email and creating a password.


*NOTE: if you signed up with Gmail or Facebook please continue to use the Gmail or Facebook sign in option.


3. Select “Add Article”



Your “SPONSOR'S AREA” looks like an online dashboard. You can and will have access to many more advanced features here.


For now we will focus on adding your first business article.


What is a Business Article?


Well as you know by now, your business listing allows customers to find and locate your business, read local reviews, contact you, and read any information that you added to your listing.


A Business Article is your ability to share more information about your business. It gives you a leading edge over your competition and has the ability to boost your trust and earn you more customers. You can write about your business’s history, what got you started in the industry, trials and triumphs, and more!


We have seen many businesses who take the extra effort to teach their customers more about their vehicles and the importance of preventative maintenance and common services. You can further explain your warranty work and any guarantees that you offer. You can also talk about how important community service means to you and what your shop does to help the community around you.


4. Create your article title



Your article title is very important. We recommend your title be direct and informative.


If you are writing an article about how to detect when your car needs an alignment or just a tire, a good an example would be:

“Alignments: How To Tell the Difference Between Tire and Alignment Issues”


Not only does this look professional, it shows customers that you know what you are talking about and they will appreciate learning something new.


5. Choose your categories



The next step is to choose the category that best meets your article. Our category choice is “History” because in our article we are talking about the history of Wrench Professional’s CEO Aaron Scheetz.


If you plan to continue writing about the difference between tire and alignment issues we recommend that you choose the “How To” Category.


To add a category, simply click on the Black Category button and choose a Red Category. Whne you choose a category it will turn grey and you will see it added to the task bar


To remove a category, click the small “x” next to the category you accidently chose on the task bar.


When you are ready to continue, click the Black “OK” button.


6. Add author name and URL



Next let’s add the Author name. It can be your personal name or your company name.


You can also add the Author’s URL which is the ( in case you have a specific website you would like readers to visit for more information. You can leave it blank if you want.


We recommend that you copy the url of your business listing with and place it here.


7. Add article abstract



Your article Abstract is important. It is limited to 250 characters. The abstract is a brief summary or introduction to what readers will learn about in your article.


If you are writing about alignments and tire issues, a good abstract would look like:


In this How-To article we will teach you the difference between an alignment issue with your car and a tire issue. Sometimes if your car is pulling to right or left while driving straight, your problem may simply be a bad tire thus saving you a good amount of time and money in repairs.


Every customer wants to save money, and if they think your shop has the knowledge to diagnose their car issues correctly, they will be more inclined to choose you over competitors. Customers care most about their time and money.


8. Adding content and maximizing page view



When typing up an article you have the option to click the “Maximize / Full Screen” icon. This will give you a full screen view to see everything you type.


9. Full screen view



As you can see the Full Screen view works great for typing and keeping your thoughts on track.


Content is KEY, here is your chance to “Wow” and “Educate” your audience thus earning you more potential customers. You can also add pictures in the text if you are creating an instruction manual.




The last thing we want is for you to spend and lose an hour of your time without saving your work.


**TIP - we like to write our articles before hand in a word document then copy and paste it here.


When you save your work you will be taken back to your Sponsor Area Dashboard.


10. Return to your article


After you save your work, you will automatically be taken back to your Sponsor Area Dashboard.


If you need to return to finish your Article, you can click the RED circled “Edit” link in the Article section highlighted on your dashboard.


11. Adding SEO to your article



He we go again! More Search Engine Optimization. You’ll be a professional at SEO soon, too bad that won’t stop the hundreds of phone calls coming in.


As you can see from the photo, the SEO Title and Page Name should already be pre-filled out from your content.


Your SEO Keywords can be single words and short phrases. Since our article was about the CEO Aaron Scheetz, you can see we chose keywords such as “Wrench Professionals CEO”, “Who runs Wrench Professionals”, ”WP Inc CEO”, etc. You are allowed up to 10 keywords/phrases.


If you are writing about alignments and tire issues:

“Alignment and tire issues”, “The difference between Tire and Alignment issues”, “What is a tire pull”, “how do I know if my tires are bad”, “Premature tire wear” etc..


Again Please SAVE YOUR WORK.


12. Promotional code



You may have guessed it again! Use promotional code STUDY20 to get another one-time 20% off your article membership.


Articles are $5.00 a month or $50.00 for a full year.


Your 20% off promotional code will drop the price down to $4.00 a month or $40.00 for a full year.


13. Add up to 5 photos



You can add up to 5 photos to your article. We may change the amount at a later time.


Click the “Choose File” button to the right to open up and search for photos to open. When you have selected the photos you want, click the “open” button and they will automatically upload.


**Your First photo is your featured photo, it will show up when people search and find your article.


14. Adding photo titles and descriptions



For each photo, you can click the Red Circled button that looks like it has a Pencil in it.


You will have the following options:


  • Crop the photo to trim unwanted items or simply adjust the size

  • Add an Image Title

  • Add a short description


When you are done editing each photo, please click the RED circled “SAVE” button.


You can repeat this for each photo you upload.


15. Adding a cover photo



You can add a Cover photo to your article. Remember the same setting applies as a business listing. Your cover photo should be 1920 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall for the best viewing. If the sizes are not set correctly, your photo might not be clear and centered.


To choose a cover photo, click “CHOOSE FILE” on the right, it will open your files and folders. When you find the photo you would like to upload simply select it and click “Open”.


You do not need to upload a cover photo, if you are having trouble choosing a cover photo or would like us to make or edit one for you, please send us an email with pictures to


16. Cover image preview



As you can see, cover images are large photos that make up a large portion of your article or listing. While you do not necessarily need one, a cover photo will help grab your reader’s attention.


17. View stats and pay for article



Every time you save your article, you will be brought back to your dashboard.

You have 4 options here:


Stats: allows you to see cool information regarding how many users clicked on and read your article. You can see reviews of your article as well.


Edit: You can go back to editing your article by clicking the “Edit” link in the Red Box.


Preview: This will only work when your article is paid for and approved by the managing team.


Remove: This will remove and erase your article


For Tutorial purposes, we will click the “Stats” link that is circled. This will take us to the payment options.


18. Pay for article



When you are ready, please click the red circled link “Click here to pay for your article” to take you to payment options.


**TIP: anytime you see a black circled number next to “BILLING” in the top right corner, it means that an item is in need of payment.


19. Pay with PayPal



As you can see in our Billing section, the Article needs to be paid for. Click the Check mark box under the word “Pay” and click the “By PayPal” option.


Make sure you have the promotional code STUDY20 in the box.


When you are ready, click the “Next” button.


20. Agree and continue to PayPal



This page will confirm that you have chosen to pay for an article and will show the exact amount and method you chose to pay.


If everything looks correct, please click the RED “PAY BY PALPAL” button. You will then be taken to


21. Log in to complete your checkout



This is the pre-login page for PayPal, if you do not have a PayPal account, click the “credit or debit card” option under the “Log In” button and you will be able to create a free PayPal account.


If you have a PayPal account, click the RED circled “Log In” button.


22. Agree and pay


Go ahead and verify everything is correct then click the RED circled “Agree and Pay” button.


23. Paypal finish


Click Finish to return to Wrench


24. Payment complete


This is the confirmation page back on


When you reach this point, our management team will view your article and approve it for public display. You will receive an email every time we approve your articles and listings.


Everytime you edit the article or listing we will need to approve the changes.


25. Article preview



This is what your “Abstract Article” will look like before users click on it to view the actual article.


Remember: The very first photo you choose to upload will be the featured photo that shows up on the “Articles” page.


Thank you for following this tutorial!


We have many more on the way!


Be on the lookout for our Mobile app: it’s coming to both Google Android and Apple iPhone stores soon!


If you have any questions please email the management team: