Ready to create your first business event?

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use! We’ve prepared this tutorial to help guide you through building your Events!

You can also download this tutorial in .pdf form from Dropbox for easier viewing and printing. Download printable step-by-step instructions.


X. Welcome to Events



You now have the ability to share events with Wrench Professionals.


Events can be a powerful tool to expand your customer base. We offer three types, Gold, Diamond, and Silver.


You can click the “SIGN UP” button to immediately start creating your event, however we prefer that you sign into your “SPONSOR AREA” in the top right corner.


We want you to get used to your dashboard, because you have many stats and tools available to you.


1. Creating a Wrench Professionals business event.



From the Wrench Professionals home page, you can see that “Events” is now added to our navigation bar. That page will host all of the events that are created with our software.


For now, please click the red “SPONSOR AREA” button to get started.


2. Log in to your Wrench Professionals account



If you created your account with Google or Facebook, we highly recommend that you continue to do so. Otherwise just log in with your email and password. When you are ready, click the RED “LOG IN” button.


3. Your dashboard



As you can see on your dashboard, we have added the “Add Event” Link. This is the path we recommend you take to create an event.


When you are ready please click the RED circled “Add Event” Link.


4. Choose your event level



For our Tutorial we will be using the DIAMOND level package.


WHY? The Diamond level package includes all event features available. You can scroll back to the top of this tutorial to see all the features with each level package. The DIamond Level will also show your event in the “Featured Events” section.


Please select the package you would like to use and click the RED “Continue” button.


**Note you will need to click the small check box to choose your level package


5. Add your title and select event categories.



Add your event title and remember just like any other feature we have to offer, you want your title to be specific.


We recommend you include your business name in the title.


After you have added your title, we will need to choose the categories that relate to your event.


Please click on the circled “SELECT” button to choose your categories.


6. Choose up to 5 categories


Categories help users narrow down exactly which events they are looking for. For example, if it is november, there might be a lot of customers wondering if there are any Black Friday or Thanksgiving events that they would be interested in.


You can use events just like deals, or use a charity event to help spread your cause. Hosting a car and bike show? Make sure you add those categories to your event to help spread the word.


To choose a category, you can click the red “+” sign to open a category. The category you clicked will allow you to see all the sub categories to choose from.


When you choose a category, it will show up in the text box. We chose the “Grand Opening” category because our event is about our Wrench Professionals software launch.


You are allowed to select up to 5 categories for your event. If you selected the wrong category you can click the small “x” next to the category name to remove it from the category box.


When you have selected your categories and are ready to continue, click the black “OK” button.


7. Add your summary and description



Now lets type up a good summary description that explains our event. Summary Descriptions are seen by customers before they click on your event to see the full event. You want to write something that is appealing enough to get a customer to click on it to learn more.


Your Description is the “Meat” to the meal. If a customer has clicked on your event it’s for one reason, they want to know more about it. Here is your chance to explain in detail what your event is about and what your business is doing to celebrate it.


If you need more space to see what you are writing, you can click the corner of the text box and drag it downwards to expand the size.


8. Add keywords, Facebook, and contact information




Just like any other feature we offer, you should pay attention to your keywords. Keywords are important because they help customers find your event even if they are not directly searching for your event.



You can add your url to your business facebook page. This will allow users to see and visit your Facebook. You might even score a few more followers and likes for your page.


Contact Information:

If you or someone you know is hosting the actual event you want to promote, please make sure you add the correct contact information so that interested users can reach the host.


You can also add the correct Venue name in case your are not hosting the event at your business location.


9. Choose city and state



Don’t forget to add the city and state.


If the correct city name is not on the dropdown list of cities, you can click the RED link “+ Add a new city” to add it to the list.


When all of your contact information is correct, you should see a map of the area with a red pin marking the exact location.


10. Set event date and time



When setting the date, you will see a calendar box show up making it easier for your to choose the correct date.


You can also set the correct start and end times, don't forget to select am or pm on the right.


You also have the ability to set a “Recurring Event” we will explain more about this in the next step.


11. Setting a recurring event



If you click the checkbox next to “Recurring Event” it will show you another menu.


The menu allows you to first choose, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly options. You then simply choose the day and week that your event repeats on.


You also have the option to let the event continue on forever or stop on a specific date.


12. Search Engine Optimization



Good ole’ SEO. We need SEO to help users find your events on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. It’s important to use search engines to pull people into our software and show them who you are and what you plan to do with your event. You might even win a few more customers.


Most of your SEO is done for you while you fill in other parts of the Event. You shouldnt have tot touch your SEO title, Page Name, or Description.


Just add you your search keywords and we will continue on to the promotional code.


If this is not your first tutorial, then you already know we can use the “STUDY20” code to help you save some money for following our tutorial.


The STUDY20 code will give you a one time 20% off of your event order.


At this time we would like to you click the RED “SAVE” button to save your work.




We do not want you to waste your time rewriting your event due to lost information. We recommend that you type up your event description in a word document or notebook app first.


13. Returning to your dashboard after saving.



Don’t worry, whenever you save an event, business listing, deal, or article you will be taken back to your Dashboard.


Here you can see that your event is currently “Pending” this means either our management team is waiting for payment, or they need to approve your event before it can go public.


To go back to your event and finish it, click on the “Edit” link in your new “Event section” of your dashboard.


14. Choose your cover photo.



To add a cover photo to your event, click the Black “Choose File” button in the top right corner and look for your image.


The recommended cover image size is the same for all features of the software.


Your image should be 1920 x 480. Otherwise it will look blurry and not centered correctly.


When you found the image you want to use for your cover photo, click on it and click the “Open” button.


Your photo will automatically be uploaded to the event.


15. Choose your event photos.



The Diamond Level allows you to choose up to 10 photos for your event. The Diamond Level also will FEATURE your event in the “Featured Events Section”


The Gold Level allows you to choose up to 5 photos for your event.


The Silver Level allows you to choose only 1 photo for your event.


Click the Black “Choose file” button to search for the photos you want added to your event.


When you have chosen the photos you want added to your event, click the “Open” button. Your photos will automatically load into the software. Then you can edit them in the next step.


16. Adding titles, descriptions, and cropping photos.



When your photos have loaded, you can click the Black Button with the “Pencil” in it to edit your photos.


You can add a title and description to your photos.


You can also crop / trim the edges and unwanted parts of your photo before saving.


When you are ready, you can click the black “Save” button.


You should do this for every photo that you upload.


17. Add a Youtube or Vimeo video to your event



We don’t currently have a video ready for your events tutorial, so we found a video on Youtube of Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPhone. Now we are not comparing ourselves to legendary Apple Inc, but we do believe that our product with you at our side will help shape the future of the automotive industry.


To add a video, just copy and paste the URL (circled in red) from Youtube or Vimeo, into the video text box. The video should immediately load. You can even watch it right here.


After you have added your video, please scroll down to save your work and go back to your Sponsor Area Dashboard.


18. Dashboard and statistics.



Now that you are back in your dashboard, you will need to pay for your event in order for it to go public.


If you created a “Silver Level Free Event” you will simply have to wait till our management team can approve your event.


You pay for your article, you can click the red “Stats” Link in your Event’s Section.


19. Click here to pay for your event.



As you can see in your stats section, currently we have 0 total views. This is because the Event is not paid for yet and has not been approved by management.


To pay for your Event, click the red circled text link “Click here to pay for your event”.


20. Choose your payment options



As you can see, you can choose to pay Monthly or Yearly.


Choose which works best for you.


Make sure you verify that your “STUDY20” code is applied to save an additional 20% off.


Next make sure you selected the check box under the word “Pay”.


Click the “By PayPal” option to continue on to a secure checkout.


When you are ready, click the RED “NEXT” button.


21. Verify information and continue to PayPal


Here is where you can verify that your promotional code “STUDY20” is working and the discount is applied.


When you click the RED “PAY BY PAYPAL” button, you will be taken to PayPal’s Secure website.


22. Verify and log in to PayPal



Click the “Log In” button to proceed.


If you don’t have a PayPal Account, click the blue link “credit or debit card” under the Log In button. There you can create a free PayPal account before paying.


23. Log in to PayPal


We already have a PayPal account username and password, so we will simply log in to PayPal.


24. Agree and pay



After you log in, or have created your Free PayPal account, you will be asked to agree and pay.


When you verified all the information is correct, click the “Agree and Pay” button.


25. Purchase successful



Congrats, your purchase was successful, now you can click the “Finish” button to go back to Wrench Professionals.


**We recommend you print this page for your records.


26. Transaction complete



Now that you are back to Wrench Professionals you can see the Transaction Status was completed.


Your Event should be approved and active within 2 business days, it depends on the transaction clearing and the high volume of submissions.


You can click on the “Dashboard” link in the top right to go back to your dashboard to add/edit other items.


If you would like to see our finished event from the tutorial you can click the link below or visit the “Events” Page!