What truly makes Wrench Professionals Inc Great?

Meet Aaron Scheetz, the Founder and CEO of Wrench Professionals, Inc.

Wrench Professionals “the idea” was born July 2013

While working as an automotive technician for Dick Smith Nissan in Lexington SC, Aaron found himself caught up in a nasty situation. He was talking with a service advisor in the waiting area, when a lady came in through the doors. She was clearly upset. She had bought a used Nissan Altima from a shady car lot that had a check engine light come on shortly after leaving the sales lot. The used car lot sales manager had told her not to worry about it and had one of his mechanics clear the code telling her it was just a gas cap code (for those that do not know, certain model cars will throw a check engine code for an improperly sealed emissions system). She had a 30 day warranty on the Altima at time of purchase. They told her to only come to them for service needs. She explained that she kept having the problem after replacing the gas cap. She took the car back to the car lot and was continually told there was nothing wrong with it. Then her car started having serious problems and began running rough while consuming outrageous amounts of gasoline. She finally brought it in to Nissan for a real diagnosis. Upon scanning her car it was found that she had been in need of a new catalytic converter all along. The sales lot was purposely stalling until her warranty ran out. The service advisor called the shop and told them about the situation and they claimed they didn’t know what she was talking about. They wouldn’t let her exchange the car or cover the repairs.

Shops and car lots need to be punished for scamming customers, and customers need the ability to root out the bad from the good. We have all heard many horror stories from friends, family, and customers about other shops, but this experience sparked an idea in Aaron's mind.

If you don't go ahead and say it now, you'll definitely say it later.

Aaron is and always will be a GEEK. 

Columbia Office

He built his first computer with his older cousin on his 15th birthday. Shortly thereafter he encountered the internet. He began building websites for internet gaming clans, churches, musicians, and more.

He went to Upper Bucks Vocational Technical School for website design and IT while competing in and winning various website design competitions. During his junior year of highschool he ventured out to Indiana University of Technology in Fort Wayne IN to compete in a state wide website design competition. He won first place and was granted a full scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in website design.

When Aaron graduated highschool in 2007 he decided to attend Penn College of Technology in Williamsport PA for a B.S. in programming and website development because it was closer to his home in Quakertown. After his first year of college, he found his major to be quite unchallenging and wanted to do something completely different.

He made the decision to switch to automotive technology. He did not want four years worth of school loans and a job in a cubicle to make up for it. The following summer he left Penn Tech, picked up a job as a lot attendant at Gateway KIA, and enrolled at Universal Technical Institute in Exton, PA.


Aaron started his automotive career in the summer of 2008

As a Freshman at Universal Technical Institute he began lot attending for Gateway KIA in Warrington PA and Carsense of Uwchland PA. Right before graduating from UTI in December of 2009, He started working for Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington PA where he held many random job titles.

UTI Grad

Curiosity is his very nature. He studied customer reactions to large service bills and simple oil changes. He listened to service advisors place phone calls and leave messages for customers awaiting quotes. He worked my way up the automotive ladder while completing automotive school and graduating as highly accredited Ford technician.

In October of 2010, Aaron made the decision to move and work as a diesel technician at Classic Ford Lincoln of Columbia SC.

Classic Ford

He bought his first home and after a few months he was offered a posistion in the Used Car Department where he began inspecting, repairing, and certifiying preowned Fords and Lincolns for the sales department.


After dealing with some incredibly bad technicians and very poor management decisions he found himself rolling his toolbox onto a trailer and heading over to Dick Smith Nissan, where they asked him to come and run their Used/New Car department.

Dsmith Nissan

Nissan was great while it lasted, Aaron worked directly under the owner himself; bringing repair estimates and concerns directly to his office. A year later changes in management left his department dissolved and work became scarce. The company decided to hire on too many quick lube techs creating a 70% drop in customer work flow. Aaron quickly found himself stuck working on only large warranty and diagnosis jobs that did not pay as well.


Aarons been around the block, he's seen and heard both the good and the bad within the automotive industry. At this point he finally was tired of working flat rate commission, he took a leave of absence and used his Christmas bonus plus a small personal loan in December of 2014 to embark on a business startup venture he stumbled upon.

First Taste of Entrepreneurship

Aaron had found a father & son business looking for someone with his technical skills to run their cellphone screen repair facility. They spent a full month building a clean room and setting up expensive machinery. The son had his own cellphone repair business and had been replacing cracked cellphone screens at a kiosk in the Columbiana mall. He had been buying the prepackaged repair kits from the manufacturers in China at a high price and enduring long shipment times, when he and his father decided to try and manufacture new screen kits themselves.

The business model proved sound. With the equipment they bought, they would be able to remanufacture cell phone screens by testing damaged screens from local repair shops for good working LCD’s and Digitizers. They would then use the machinery to strip the broken glass and glue from the good working LCDs. Then the units would go into the clean room where the glue and glass would be carefully installed and set inside a pressure chamber where they cured. Aaron took on several responsibilities which included learning and mastering the entire process in order to train and manage new employees. He was also responsible for building their website, parts database, and  along with other jobs. Aaron enjoyed every second of it, and the company was well on its way to a grand opening, and great commissions. Aaron shadowed the father, a successful entrepreneur in previous ventures, everywhere and asked every question he could about running a business.

A few more weeks into the startup venture the father and son decided to part ways and things fell quickly. Most of the staff were friends of the son and morale was gone. After he left, they quit one by one. Aaron couldn’t hire people fast enough which forced him to leave as well due to running out of funds. He was relying on the store's grand opening so he could start earning commissions. To this day Aaron looks back at this experience each day and values everything he learned.

Continuing on

After having experienced the freedom of entrepreneurship, Aaron wanted nothing less than to own and run his own company. He picked up a job at Dougherty Equipment Co. as a heavy equipment technician to pay his bills once again and started working on a master plan.

He understood that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, he needed to create a successful solution to a well known problem. He wanted to implement all his past experiences into a business model of his own. He started reading entrepreneur magazines while taking online leadership, marketing, and business courses in between work shifts. Slowly and surely he pieced together a business plan. He began following silicon valley mobile application startups and started coding his own mobile applications.

The company he was working for at the time announced it was going to be sold to another company with a bad reputation. Aaron joined a few close employees of his and moved into another heavy equipment company called G&W Equipment.

At this point he quickly moved up in the company and was honored with the responsibility to visit customer locations to diagnose and repair heavy equipment. He built great relationships with his customers and listened to their complaints while offering great solutions. Word of his great customer service reached his employers and he received great acknowledgement.

Aaron brought his laptop with him on service calls and along to airports and hotel rooms during company paid training. He couldnt even leave it behind on vacations. He couldn’t go anywhere without it. He needed a safe and secure way to keep his ideas and notes organized together and accessible at at any moment.

Another Chapter


On March 7th of 2016, Aaron married his long time best friend Jennifer on the Polynesian resort beaches in Walt Disney World. While honeymooning he and his wife decided that they would like to move to Orlando, Florida. Jennifer an assistant manager and highly awarded salesperson in her company was immediately offered a job as Lead Sales in the brand new Pandora Jewelry store in the Disney Springs extension dated to open May 15th. Upon its grand opening it quickly became the top selling Pandora store in the world.

While preparing for the move from Columbia, South Carolina to Orlando, Florida the unthinkable happened, in late march of 2016 Aaron's company vehicle was broken into and all of his laptop and gear was stolen. It was the sole largest blow he's ever encountered. He lost everything, luckily he was a firm believer in very long encrypted passwords. He knew his data was safe, but still stolen and unrecoverable.

At this point, he was done with Wrench Professionals for the time being, he and his newly wed wife moved to Orlando Florida to pursue different dreams. Aaron put Wrench Professionals on the back burner and started investing his time into customer lead generation and marketing services. He spent months studying internet marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, and internet sales funnels. He forced himself to become comfortable cold calling and talking to business owners and trying to learn what they would like in marketing products, he started thinking about Wrench Professionals again.

Wrench Professionals, Incorporated

Wrench Professionals was incorporated in September of 2016 in the state of Delaware. Aaron paid the incorporation fees, filed the paperwork, and purchased the www.wrenchprofessionals.com domain name.

At this time he was still entertaining other projects including lead generation, reputation marketing, and mobile application development. He studied how to set up inbound sales stacks and funnels through a private and expensive sales mastermind course he took part in. He was having trouble choosing the right niche industry to work with for lead generation because at the time it was not quite suited for his years of experience in the automotive industry. He began studying other industries and what pro’s and cons they have when it comes to marketing. No matter what he did, he kept falling backward on the automotive industry. There was something about it that always grabbed his attention. He decided to try and bundle a whole bunch of internet marketing techniques and using the test name “Wrench Beta” he tried to sell them to automotive shops as an expensive all inclusive marketing package. He generated some interest with business owners but was well outside their marketing budgets charging $2,000 to $4,000 a month for the services.


Aaron stopped, took a few steps back, and still determined to figure out where he was going wrong, began messaging and speaking with automotive business owners across the country. He asked them about their advertising budgets, what their average customer value was, and how much they would be willing to pay for a new customer to walk through the doors. He pieced together a lead generation package specifically for automotive shop owners with answers from everyone he had spoken with.

Aaron was ready to launch his new product, but still there was something missing. I got all caught up in the numbers game that he realized had forgotten about the true cause for Wrench Professionals. He needed to bridge the human connection gap between good shops and bad shops.

Aaron began digging throughout the internet to find a way to solve this problem. At this point he knew what he needed; a sophisticated directory website where customers and business owners could connect on a great customer service platform.

He figured out a way to implement and bring this 4 year project of his back to life. With the technology available today at his fingertips, he can provide the nation the ability to find, promote, and market the best repair shops around.

Shop owners can buy a low budget $50/month basic membership and create a professional business profile/listing that showcases their great reputation for everyone to see. Their profiles will be made public and visible to anyone looking for a reputable repair shop in almost every industry. Customers and Clients can log in easily with facebook or google and leave ratings and reviews.

Shops with poor customer service will need to step up their game and provide better customer service if they want to earn more customers. All in all it’s a Win, Win, Win situation. 

This is happening, there’s no doubt about it. Wrench Professionals Inc has set a schedule and while Aaron is building his team of software developers and internet marketers working day and night to get everything launched according to plan. 

If you can see the true value in this idea, please send us a message and join us as we take on one of the largest industry problems around!