Wrench Professionals offers four different packages for a business owner or a technician to choose from.



Technician's Package:

$17.97 / month or $179.00 Per Year [Get Two Months Free]

If you are a technician or a mechanic, you have the ability to promote your own skills and certifications. The industry is dog eat dog, and we understand firsthand what it's like to be forced to sit around all day waiting for work to roll in through the door. This hurts especially when the establishment that you rolled your toolbox into does nothing to bring more customers in through the doors.

A current problem technicians often face is unfair work distribution. Being a Master Technician is not easy and dealing only with "problem child" cars is ridiculously stressful. We all deserve a little bit of gravy here and there. With a Wrench Professionals profile, you can schedule new customers to come visit you wherever you work.

By advertising and promoting your own skills and certifications, you allow potential customers to learn more about you and the establishment you work at. If you are a side shop owner-operator, it will help you generate more side work as well.

As a technician you understand that with the right tool, you can do the right job at a fraction of the time that you are paid. The more work you complete in a day, the more money in your pocket. Most seasoned technicians have well over $10k worth of tools in their boxes, and that doesn’t even count the toolbox itself.

For the price of a Snap-On, Matco, MAC, Cornwell, or Bluepoint pair of pliers every month you'll have your own marketing program designed to bring you more customers. For the price of a socket set, you could have a whole year's worth of marketing. So if you just spent $4,000 on that new scan tool, you might want to advertise on your profile about your ability to perform advanced diagnostics.


When you build your profile you can share the following:

Your Place of Business / Address and directions to your location.

Your Phone Number and Email address for contact. There's a mobile app called "Sideline" that allows you to use a second phone number on your personal phone. This is great if you want to look more professional and allows you a heads up that someone is contacting you regarding your Wrench Professionals profile.

Your website, Facebook page, or even a YouTube channel if you like to create instructional videos.

You can upload videos and photos to your profile, we recommend photos of any certifications you hold. You're allowed 9 gallery photos for customers to see.

Your work schedule. Let customers know what time to contact you and when you are available to work.

You can offer up to 6 different deals to entice your customers. Two examples would be:

  • Free diagnosis if they choose to have you perform the repair.

  • Or 10% AC Repair this summer.

The idea is to show your potential customers that you indeed know what you are doing and that they can trust you to do the job correctly the first time. Great customer service is key! Make sure you have them leave you a review after each job. This is a word of mouth based business, a referral is worth 10,000 words.


If you charge a specific price for specific repeat jobs, you should create a classified ad to show your customers. For example:

  • 30$ Oil Change (up to 5 qts oil)

  • 50$ AC Recharge

  • 80$ Diagnosis

  • 50$ Rear differential Flush

  • 80$ Transmission Flush

If you need more work coming to your place of business, like to perform side work at your garage, or are allowed after hours at your place of work, then this is the right package for you.



Business Package:

$49.97 / month or $497.00 Per Year [Get Two Months Free]

A business package is a significant step above the technicians package. More customers will be looking at businesses than for technicians.

With a business package your customers have the ability to rate and review your services, upon approval of our webmasters in order to filter out spam.

Your Business Profile will be linked with YELP Reviews, Yelp will automatically add some photos to your account and also provide future customers with your Yelp Score and past three yelp reviews.

Customers will see your Wrench Professionals Ratings and Reviews as well making your business much more transparent. The more positive reviews they see, the more inclined they will be to drive extra miles to reach you.

As a business profile you will have 5 Deals available for potential customers instead of only 2. You're allotted a slightly larger 12 photo image gallery to show your place of business and your employees. The more your customers can see the better the decision they'll make. Cleanliness is key, please use a digital camera, iPhone 7 camera, or comparable android device.

When filling out your detail page please include as much information as possible, let customers know your background and how many techs you employ. Keep updating your profile as time goes on to add more information.

If your shop has some great informational videos feel free to share them! You're also allowed to upload files for customers to download.

If you have any social media networking accounts make sure you add those as well, the more information a customer can find the more inclined they'll be to choose your place of business.



FEATURED Business Package:

$99.97 / month or $997.00 Per Year [Get Two Months Free]

What’s the difference between a featured business package and a regular business package?

A featured package allows you to show up as the preferred choice among other businesses listed in your area. Your business profile is highlighted and shows up above other results allowing potential customers to see your profile first.

You allowed a 15 photo gallery, 10 deals, and 15 classifieds. We suggest you make great use of the bonus space, customers will click to view your profile first, and if they like what they see they'll call immediately.



Wrench Professionals Managed Business Package:

$199.97 / month or $1,997.00 Per Year [Get Two Months Free]

Don't have the time to go through and create/update your business profile? That's fine, we understand how busy you are, especially if you are as devoted to great customer service as we want you to be.

We will create and maintain your business profile for you. We'll ask you questions about your business and write a full in depth profile for you. We'll also keep in touch with you every month and consult with you about any updates to perfect your profile.

You'll have a fully featured profile.

Our management team will create/upload 18 deals, 18 images for your gallery, and 18 classifieds.

It will still be up to you to make sure your customers leave you reviews.



Have any questions or concerns? Please visit our contact page and fill out the form to submit your question. We will try to respond as soon as humanly possible.